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LAMUCE works along the whole process of manufacturing different kind of machines,
from their basic design to their delivery


Technical office

The Technical office staff are experienced engineers and draught designers who carry out a detailed study of the application and reach an optimal solution using 2D and 3D design tools.


Besides, LAMUCE offers Computer Aided Design software (CAD) to provide the client a 3D simulation of the prototype to be finally manufactured.



Lamuce technical means are in charge of the processes of turning, milling, grinding, wire EDM process and penetration using CNC machines and CAD/CAM softwares. A Quality control department is provided with an appropriate metrology equipment.


Assembly and tuneup

Lamuce assembly operators are qualified to assembly complete and complex machines either with pieces mechanized by the company or with pieces supplied by the customer.


To adjust the mechanisms to the proper working conditions, a Tuneup will be done to test the machine before its delivery.


Programming And Robotic

Automatizaciones LAMUCE relies on a experienced staff specialized in programming all kind of PLCs (Siemens, Omron, Telemecánica), Servo-motors and robots.


Technical service

Our technical service covers repairs and any sort of changes of machines manufactured by either Lamuce or others suppliers.


Besides, if the client wants to optimize its machines or processes, Lamuce makes a viability study to find out the way to improve the machines’ capacity as well as any adaptation for the security CE MARK to be reached.


Turnkey solution

Lamuce offers TURNKEY solutions in the special machine manufacturing field, building a machine following the initial specifications until it is delivered in the clients’ company for its immediate use.


Lamuce developes all the building stages until reaching complete solutions for:

  • Automatic assembly lines
  • Special machines built to the needs and specifications of the customers
  • Process automation

Moreover the customer can request Lamuces services separately ( Design, Mechanization, Assembly, Programming, Automation, etc)